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VCT-Day-a-Palooza or Knowledge is Power

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on July 2, 2013

This weekend I joined 6 other PCVs in my district for a voluntary HIV/AIDS testing & counseling event that included a football (soccer) tournament for both men & women. Joe, the PCV who organized, Started a women’s football league (basically unheard of here) & pulled the various organizations involved together to create an awesome day. 200 people got tested & now know their status, which is an amazing contribution to the battle against this wide-spread disease in this country. So cool.


I dreamed a dream of… America-land

Posted in Uncategorized by Joy on June 9, 2013

Since coming to Zambia I’ve had really random vivid dreams, I can only assume are my brain’s way of saying, Hey! Things are different! Missing!
In 1 I was listening to the news on the radio.
A few weeks ago I dreamed I had a TV, which was weird. I mean, I haven’t had a TV in years. By choice.
Then I dreamed I was at the mall. With Paris Hilton (who, btw, had an affinity for fried chicken & pizza. On a buffet. Go figure.) That was even more strange.
Paris Hilton? C’mon, brain. You can do better.

Warning: I’m Talking About Cats Here (or Consider that a Downgrade)

Posted in Uncategorized by Joy on June 1, 2013

Not long ago I was proud of Evil Cat’s hunting prowess (if a little disgusted by her decision to enjoy rat tare-tare on my yoga mat).
Tonight she bounded inside The Cottage with a live rat in her jaws, despite my protest. In the course of her lengthy pre-meal torture session, the rat escaped. After a half-hearted search for her lost prey, she opted for a nap. Fortunately, Lazy Cat killed the rodent (on my yoga mat-of course) before it took up residence.
Evil Cat is officially part of the problem.

Meeting the Chief (or the story of Henry’s demise)

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on June 1, 2013
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Wednesday I got up early, early & walked about 5 miles with my host brother, village headman, & vice-head. We arrived at the chief’s palace a little before 8 & waited.
He emerged from his younger wife’s home in a sharp black suit with white pinstripes, told us to sit, & welcomed me. My hosts gave him a gift, as is custom, & he gave me a rooster & told me to “be free.”
As we walked home, I plotted the rooster’s fate. Inevitably: dinner.
The name was an accident, but Henry sure was delicious.

A Meeting About a Meeting (or This isn’t an episode of The Office: Africa, is it?)

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on June 1, 2013
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Thursday was supposed to be busy. Things just don’t pan out here according to the squiggles in my planner.
My morning harvest didn’t happen, for reasons yet untold. Around 14:30 (2:30p), a counterpart & I went to see the head teacher to talk about the girls’ GLOW group that meets every Thursday. At “14” (2p).
He was receptive, saying the girls will be free at that time. Starting next week.
Office-working friends: meetings about meetings exist in rural African villages. We’ll never escape them.

Garden Planning

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on May 25, 2013

Last Sunday, I dug a tiny little flower bed. In so doing, I realized just how incredibly rocky my soil is. So I’ve been slowly removing the surface rocks from the area I want to plant my garden in a few months, with a bit of bubblegum-incentive driven help from the Iwe Army.
My gardening counterparts are looking toward planting time, too. Even as they harvest. Unfortunately, there’s a limited variety of seeds available here in Zambia, particularly heirlooms. Some seeds we lack are in the comments

Gender Bender

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on May 10, 2013

When I arrived, some of the boards had come loose in my be frame. Chama, our driver, asked my host for nails. When I retrieved a hammer & nails, all the dudes in my yard looked surprised. Chama said, “You’re well equipped.”
“I came to work.”
Next day I took my new saw to some planks & built a corner shelf for the wall of my storage area. Like all other manual labor, sawing is an acquired skill. I spent a good while making my cuts & acquired a reputation as an unlikely lady carpenter in so doing.

Home Sweet Home: The Cottage

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on May 7, 2013
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Not gonna lie. I felt a bit crazy riding into my village in a Land Cruiser loaded to the brim & topped with a bed, mountain bike & more. & when the driver pulled out & I surveyed the cluster that was my living area. A dios mio. I didn’t think it’d ever get done. Bed & mosquito net first. Then everything else, pan’gono pan’gono (bit by bit). Somehow, I managed to get everything unpacked & organized today. Tomorrow projects around The Cottage. Thursday harvest maize. Saturday meet my headman. Woo!

A Call for Quotes

Posted in Uncategorized by Joy on April 19, 2013

Been thinking about how I’ll make my hut my home & have decided to incorporate a wall of quotes to keep me inspired & help me maintain a positive attitude/re-focus when the going gets rough. Any suggestions y’all may have would be appreciated. What inspires you? What lifts you up when you’re feeling down? Why do you fight the good fight?

I’m not even sure how to ask that in English…

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on April 17, 2013
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We had a practice language exam today (I passed!), part of which consisted of my language teacher pointing to the mud hut behind me & telling me to ask him 6 or 7 questions about it, pretending I’m interested in renting. My mind started spinning through my years of rental history & coming up short. Somehow things like, Are pets allowed? Utilities included? Washer/dryer in unit? Parking off-street? 24-hr maintence? Fitness center? Pool? & such didn’t seem appropriate in this particular setting…

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