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Funsani Village: In Brief

Posted in peace corps adventure by Joy on June 7, 2014

I’m procrastinating. It’s after 11 am on a Saturday, and I *should* be outside chopping dried banana leaves & stalks into pieces about the size of my pinky. Standing in the sun. Using a dull machete with a makeshift handle of old plastic bags that will, inevitably, give me blisters. Now maybe you see why I’m procrastinating.

Apparently updating this blog falls in the same category as deep-cleaning. That is to say: it gets done when it’s more appealing than the alternative. Yikes. I never meant for it to be so! If you bother to visit here, you definitely deserve better.

Here’s what’s going on in Funsani Village:
– The banana leaves are to serve as growing material in the mushroom practical lesson I’m teaching this afternoon. (I already have peanut shells & maize cobs soaking for the same purpose, so, really, we’re covered.)
– It’s harvest season. Everyone is in the fields most days, bringing in maize, groundnuts (peanuts), sunflower, soy beans, cotton, & tobacco.
– My youngest village niece, Francisca, is motoring around like she owns the place & calling for Auntie with a big grin on the regular. ❤
– Training for July's trek up Mt. Kilimanjaro has me hoofing it to & from town (~20 miles or so, round-trip) whenever I can. Oh, and with perma-blisters on my feet. Attractive, I know.
– A bunch of kind souls in America-land donated $800+USD to my community's new school, and we delivered 98 brand new textbooks yesterday to a bunch of smiling children.
– The machete just arrived, so I'm going to head out into the mid-day sun & teach these banana leaves who's boss.


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