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Heavy Heart

Posted in Uncategorized by Joy on April 6, 2014

Last month I found out I’ve lost someone dear to me.


Comfort was the bubbly, toddling daughter of my host sister in training. For the first three months I was in Zambia, she was the consistent bright spot in my day. I delighted with the Lungu family in witnessing her learning to walk and talk. Whenever I had a rough go of it, Comfort’s smiling face & musical laughter lifted my spirits. She was my first Zambian friend.


Amai Lungu, my host mother & Comfort’s grandmother, called at the beginning of February to tell me Comfort was in the hospital. She had been burned by hot water. Everyone thought she would be okay. Two days later, I got the word she was gone from this world.

I can’t pretend to comprehend the immense anguish the Lungu family must be experiencing. I couldn’t get to their village to attend the funeral. The only thing for me to do was try to cope with the waves of sadness as they washed over me at the news of this sudden, tragic loss.

Comfort was a beautiful little girl. She was bright and happy and fat and well-loved. I will always be glad I got to share a small part of her short, short life.


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  1. Donna said,

    Dear Joy, I am so, so sorry for you and for Comfort’s family. I remember this child well from all your comments about her. So sad! Take care of yourself.

  2. Jennifer said,

    Oh Joy, I am so, so sorry. I can’t imagine how you’re feeling let alone the family. Please take good care.

  3. I don’t know how I missed this. I am so sorry for the loss if this precious one -of your young friend. Know she’s out if pain in heaven now though. Love you, mom

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