The Kinky Green

Sunday, Bloody Hot Sunday (Or: Got Your Letter, Mom… Here’s an Update!)

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on October 13, 2013

It’s 10:10 on a Sunday morning. I’m hanging out in my hammock in the semi-cool of my hut (aka, The Cottage). Evil cat woke me at 5:30. her habit of late, demanding entry through the mosi net to cuddle with/growl at me. By 6:30, I was up & out, getting water for the garden. Determined to be slightly more productive today than yesterday. Even on my lazy days in the village, there are chores I just can’t avoid. Drawing water, watering the garden, doing dishes, lighting the brasier & cooking something. Yesterday, the heat snuck up on me, & those plus some letter writing were about all I managed. So I vowed to at least tackle the compost today before the sun blazed so hot I had to seek refuge.
The iwes (kids) helped me make a potting mixture & fill up some plastic “pots” (really just black tubes/bags), & we planted some red mahogany (used for poles in building), guava, lemon, & msangu (a nitrogen-fixing tree we promote for intercropping in fields). I thanked the iwes with a pitcher of crystal light & some doublemint gum. They spent the next 1/2 hour running screaming around the village before passing out from the exhaustion of their false sugar high.
These days most folks in the village are up & out to their gardens by 6 or so. They’ll come home around 9 or 10 for a morning meal. Some go back out to the garden until they can’t handle it anymore. Everyone is as still as possible, napping on reed mats or grain sacks in the shade, for several hours during the hottest part of the day. To me, it’s all too hot to manage as much as they do.


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