The Kinky Green

Hog Heaven (or My feet are only rivaled by my face in filth-factor)

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on July 16, 2013

Village life has reached a level of normalcy that makes reporting on ye olde blog seem excessive at times. Apologies to anyone who’s missed having updates.
I’m currently hanging out in my hammock(!) after a morning hauling water, manure, soil, & sand to the garden. Digging beds & planting a few seeds. I’m exhausted & filthy & happy as a hog in it. 🙂
Tomorrow I’m starting my tree nursery with the miracle Moringa seeds I have on hand. Can’t wait to get those puppies ready for the community.


VCT-Day-a-Palooza or Knowledge is Power

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on July 2, 2013

This weekend I joined 6 other PCVs in my district for a voluntary HIV/AIDS testing & counseling event that included a football (soccer) tournament for both men & women. Joe, the PCV who organized, Started a women’s football league (basically unheard of here) & pulled the various organizations involved together to create an awesome day. 200 people got tested & now know their status, which is an amazing contribution to the battle against this wide-spread disease in this country. So cool.