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Home Sweet Home: The Cottage

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on May 7, 2013
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Not gonna lie. I felt a bit crazy riding into my village in a Land Cruiser loaded to the brim & topped with a bed, mountain bike & more. & when the driver pulled out & I surveyed the cluster that was my living area. A dios mio. I didn’t think it’d ever get done. Bed & mosquito net first. Then everything else, pan’gono pan’gono (bit by bit). Somehow, I managed to get everything unpacked & organized today. Tomorrow projects around The Cottage. Thursday harvest maize. Saturday meet my headman. Woo!


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  1. Barbi said,

    Sounds like a busy couple days you got ahead of you!!
    So is the address on your previous post where you will be for a good while so we can send goodies?!

  2. Joy said,

    That’s the one for the next 2 years!

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