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Garden Planning

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on May 25, 2013

Last Sunday, I dug a tiny little flower bed. In so doing, I realized just how incredibly rocky my soil is. So I’ve been slowly removing the surface rocks from the area I want to plant my garden in a few months, with a bit of bubblegum-incentive driven help from the Iwe Army.
My gardening counterparts are looking toward planting time, too. Even as they harvest. Unfortunately, there’s a limited variety of seeds available here in Zambia, particularly heirlooms. Some seeds we lack are in the comments


Gender Bender

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on May 10, 2013

When I arrived, some of the boards had come loose in my be frame. Chama, our driver, asked my host for nails. When I retrieved a hammer & nails, all the dudes in my yard looked surprised. Chama said, “You’re well equipped.”
“I came to work.”
Next day I took my new saw to some planks & built a corner shelf for the wall of my storage area. Like all other manual labor, sawing is an acquired skill. I spent a good while making my cuts & acquired a reputation as an unlikely lady carpenter in so doing.

Home Sweet Home: The Cottage

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on May 7, 2013
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Not gonna lie. I felt a bit crazy riding into my village in a Land Cruiser loaded to the brim & topped with a bed, mountain bike & more. & when the driver pulled out & I surveyed the cluster that was my living area. A dios mio. I didn’t think it’d ever get done. Bed & mosquito net first. Then everything else, pan’gono pan’gono (bit by bit). Somehow, I managed to get everything unpacked & organized today. Tomorrow projects around The Cottage. Thursday harvest maize. Saturday meet my headman. Woo!