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Meeting the chief

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on March 25, 2013
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Today we met Chief Chamuka, 1 of 283 traditional chiefs in Zambia (3/4 male). Traditional leaders “elected” based on family lineage, custom, leadership ability & other factors, they are also recognized by gov’t with their own division & chain of command. They manage land rights, settle non-criminal disputes, work toward development, etc. You bring gifts when you visit a chief. We brought a live chicken & mealie meal, but anything from cooking oil to cash works. When he enters… (see comments)


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  1. Joy said,

    When the chief enters, you kneel down & clap, or perhaps prostrate yourself entirely, if you want to go all out on the humility front. After the greeting, he may tell you to sit (men in chairs, women on the floor). We ladies wore chitenje (the traditional wrapper/skirt) as it’s the respectable/ful thing to wear) & tried to listen attentively (as our bums fell asleep). He talked about the roles of chiefs & how we’re to behave around them. A small, informative prelude to meeting my chief in May.

    • Yea, I’m proud too. & that you ‘re taking the time to explain where dummies like me can learn the meaning behind traditions. S o how long were you actually there getting numb while he talked?

  2. Kevin said,

    So cool…

    Proud of ya, Joy!!!

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