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Murder: 1st Degree

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on March 18, 2013
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I can’t deny premeditation. I knew days ago at the 1st telltale move that drew my attention: innocent lives would be lost. So when I opened the door to my chimbusi & saw them alone, unprotected, unaware of danger, I knew I had to act. Stepping back, I collected myself, knowing my course of action would set the stage for my entire time in Zambia. I was torn, of course. Innocents. But I fortified my nerve, stepped in, lifted the cover, & swept the 2 baby rats down the long hole. Now to deal with ma.


3 Responses to 'Murder: 1st Degree'

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  1. I am waiting for ma’s response….

  2. I am waiting for ma’s response…….

  3. Joy said,

    Haven’t seen her! Hoping she doesn’t retaliate!

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