The Kinky Green

Happy V-Day… from Zambia!

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on February 14, 2013

I made it, y’all!

Actually, we’ve been in Zambia for about 31 hours now. So far, it’s fantastic! We’re The Barn, at a nice motel near the capital (Lusaka) for the next several days doing some pre-service training. We’ve started taking our malaria pills, had a bunch of yummy meals, slept under mosquito nets, gotten some more vaccinations, been fitted for our mountain bikes and helmets, and generally had our heads crammed full of knowledge.

On Saturday we’ll go to the mall and get our cell phones. (Contact info coming soon!) On Sunday we’ll leave for our first site visits. I’ll be with 2-3 other LIFE volunteers, and we’ll visit a volunteer serving in the field for a few days & nights. Cannot wait to get my first taste of village life!

There are 43 other volunteers in our group, and getting to know them is awesome. Everyone has a great story and there are so many awesome personalities converging here. So far it’s been easy to forgive them for being young. ☺ (They’re not all THAT young…)

Love y’all!



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