The Kinky Green

Going… Going… Gone

Posted in Peace Corps Adventures by Joy on February 12, 2013

After a short train ride up to Philly yesterday and yet another round of Peace Corps paperwork, I spent the afternoon getting acquainted with the other 42 souls embarking on this adventure.

There are plenty of recent college grads, of course, a married couple, and one man who’ll be collecting social security during our service. We’ve got artists, musicians, fly fishermen, yogis, runners, writers, cyclists (soon, we’ll all claim that one). A relatively even ratio of women to men. Introverts, extroverts. Drinkers and teetotalers. Vegetarians and carnivores. The always-prompt, the ever-tardy.

We are a pretty pale crew, to tell the truth. But clearly diversity is showing up in other ways.

So far, the main constant is that everyone is game, excited, and willing to help. Oh, and that we’ve all been fretting about some version of the same things leading up to this. It’s good to know I’m not alone.

We are on the buses now, heading to JFK. Lusaka, here we come. 🙂



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