The Kinky Green

Juicing: Day 6

"I could sleep more" by Sam Brown of

Saturday, February 18, 2012

7:30 a.m.
Leftover pear deliciousness before my run. Was slated to do 6 miles, but I didn’t make it due mainly to knee issues. Again. What the hell, body? Did you think 30 was time to flip the switch into rapid deterioration?? Not cool.

Snagged fresh oj at the farmers market, along with another $15 worth of local apples and asian pears.

12:15 p.m.
Carrot concoction, the details of which escape me.

Had to mix something up before heading out to meet some friends. For lunch. At one of my favorite diners. Eep!

The restaurant experience wasn’t really bad. I got to catch up with my buds and didn’t have a tab to pay. That was nice. They were curious about my juicing experience, but skeptical. Afterward, we went shopping.

By the time we parted ways, it was after 3:30, and I was exhausted and feeling hungry. When I got home, I decided sleep was the more important need and took a nap. The thought of having to clean the juicer probably influenced that decision more than a little.

2 Asian pears
1 stick celery

I was on the phone and still in a post-nap haze, so I just grabbed a few things from the produce bin and threw them in the juicer. The result was pretty tasty.

1 sweet potato
1 orange
4 carrots

After my early adventures, the day was so, so lazy. A friend told me on the phone, “You sound low energy,” which summed it up perfectly. I’m usually going nonstop. Toward the end of this week I had more time to rest and sleep than typical. But today my body just wasn’t having it. I didn’t feel weak or sick… Just low energy and, at times, very sleepy.


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