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Juicing: Day 5

Posted in The Physical by Joy on February 21, 2012
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"That's all I got" by Sam Brown of

I woke up early and decided to make all my juice for the workday at home rather than lug the juicer with me. I used a couple of recipes from the book that came with the juicer. They provided a decidedly smaller quantity than most of the recipes I’ve been using, but they were decent on the taste factor.

Friday, February 17, 2012

7 a.m.
1 carrot
1 orange
1 apple
1 red potato
Couldn’t taste the potato at all. Everything else, of course, was muy delicioso.

12:25 p.m.
Red Zinger++
2 beets
3 limes
1″ ginger
1 orange
1 stalk celery
1 red potato

The original recipe really called for 1 beet, 2 limes, and 1″ ginger. It didn’t yield much, so I upped the ante and added more ingredients. Too tart! Like, way, way, way too tart. My bad. Lesson learned, I suppose.

3:30 p.m.
Carrot Crunch
4 carrots
2 sticks celery
1/2″ ginger

5/5 for immunity. 3/5 for energy, detox, digestion, & skin.

I threw a red potato into this one to bulk it up, too, and a lemon to preserve it for the day. I noticed with both this and the red zinger that the potato juice seemed to settle to the bottom quickly, even when I shook the juice vigorously.

I went to boxing class after work and got my sweat on. I was a little slow, but I find that typical for Friday classes. Had straight OJ post-workout. It was good, but not, I’m sure, as good as it would have been fresh. Not having to haul the juicer around was worth it, though.

Pear Dream
3 pears
4 peaches

On a typical Friday night, I’d probably be enjoying a beverage a bit more adult in nature. This was a delicious treat, and it didn’t really feel like a compromise.


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