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Juicing: Day 4

Posted in The Emotional,The Physical by Joy on February 20, 2012
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"I was skeptical, but now I am sure" by Sam Brown of

I’m pretty sure I’ll be purchasing a juicer of my own soon. Fresh juice is just amazing, and I’m enjoying the detox so much that I’d like to undertake shorter detox periods every couple of months or so. Also, I’ll be doing a much larger CSA share this year, and I hope juicing will help me use up my veggies in a timely manner. So, yesterday, while I was home, I was looking at my relatively tiny kitchen and wondering where this not-so-tiny future juicer will live. I zeroed in on my coffee pot and pretty much decided it will have to go.

You see, the hardest part of the first three days of this juice fast was not resisting the nearly-irresistible smell of slow-smoked ribs or tender delicious ribs. It was not keeping my hand from reaching for that mountain of ever-tempting and easily-accessible homemade potato chips. It wasn’t resisting the urge to pop a tantalizing orange slice into my mouth while I was making one juice or another. It wasn’t even refusing every piece of Valentine’s candy thrown my way. (And, man, do I have a sweet tooth…)

No. The hardest part was refraining from drinking coffee, and dealing with the ridiculous sluggishness I felt for three straight days. I’m attributing the desire to curl up and go to sleep ALL THE TIME directly to the caffeine monkey on my back. And that aggression should not stand, man.

Instead of waking up to a fresh brew of (glorious, glorious) addiction-inducing coffee, I can make an energy-inducing juice as my morning meal and start the day off right. That’s the theory anyway. We’ll see how it actually plays out. Anyone need a coffee maker? 🙂

Thursday, January 16, 2012

7:40 a.m.
Carrot Deep Cleanser
3 carrots
1/2 apple (I used a whole one)
1/2 beet (I used two)
1 stick celery
3 large kale leaves

5/5 for detox. 4/5 for immunity. 3/5 for energy, digestion, and skin.

11:30 a.m.
Cool ‘n’ Creamy
1 cucumber
4 carrots

3/5 for detox. 2/5 for energy, immunity, and skin. 1/5 for digestion.

As I was making this, a couple of coworkers popped their heads into the kitchen. One was so intrigued he tried it (despite the less-than-appetizing color) and started asking me about the juicer and what other juices I’ve tried. He kept exclaiming, “That’s got to be so healthy. I mean… all those veggies, it’s nothing but good stuff!” Good stuff, indeed. To be fair, he’s the health-nut of the bunch. But interest is interest.

3:20 p.m.
3 oranges
1/4 red cabbage
1/4″ ginger

3/5 for energy & digestion. 2/5 for immunity & skin. 1/5 for detox.

I’m surprised by how little I mind the taste of cabbage in this juice. It’s not overwhelming, but it’s definitely present. And I like it a great deal more than I like spinach juice, which I don’t care much for. (This strikes me as kind of odd, as I love spinach in all other forms.)

Went to boxing at 5 p.m. Jerome is a particular fan of punishing the class, but I felt no more beat up by his torture than anyone else looked. I learned in my first class with him that he isn’t one to stand for slouching, so I didn’t consider half-assing anything an option. I had some coconut water post-workout.

8 p.m.
Carrot Tang
3 carrots
1 grapefruit
1/2 inch ginger

4/5 for energy & immunity. 3/5 for skin. 2/5 for detox. 1/5 for digestion.

Still not a fan of grapefruit. The taste is overwhelming. It seemed to take forever, but I was glad to be finished with the few I bought.

9:45 p.m.
Stomach was growling, but it would be too late to eat food. Samesies for the juice. Bed time!

Did I mention I had my first dream about juicing? In it, a dear friend was inquiring about the finer points of my juicer (for in this dream, I was the proud owner of my very own). I was giddily imparting my knowledge to my new convert. Now to start researching juicers!


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  1. Alicia said,

    Shake that monkey off your back!

    Sometimes I miss caffeine. It’s so easy, but addiction is not good.

    Daily use is too much.

    It should be a treat.

    I think that counter space is better used for a juicer. Routine detoxes sound great.

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