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Juicing: Day 3

Posted in The Physical by Joy on February 17, 2012
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"Do you ever have those days when everything just seems like a dream?" by Sam Brown of

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sleep was elusive last night. What I did get was interrupted by a hacking cough that’s been on the brink for weeks. Stupid sinus issues. I’ve been avoiding the doctor on this front. More antibiotics?? Please, let’s try any other route before we resort to that.

Since my allergy meds and plenty of vitamins weren’t kicking it to the curb, I decided on rest and some OTC therapy. Sick day… woo. Unfortunately, I left the juicer at the office last night, so I still had to haul out of bed and drag myself down there to retrieve it this morning. At least it meant I got my pharmacy trip out of the way early so I could spend the next 9 hours in a barely-interrupted, drug-aided slumber.

The fun part of this is that, while I did get up and make juices, I can’t really remember much about them.

Except one.

Black Mud
5 tomatoes
1 beet
4 large kale leaves
1 lime.

5/5 for detox & immunity. 4/5 for energy. 3/5 for skin. 1/5 for digestion.

Turns out, I do not like fresh tomato juice any more than I like the processed stuff. Which is to say, while I can drink it, I definitely prefer not to. I added 2 extra limes to this to cut through the tomato taste. I still didn’t care much for it. I think I’ll save my tomatoes for… well, pretty much anything but juicing.


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