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Juicing: Day 1

Posted in The Physical by Joy on February 14, 2012
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I wasn’t going to fully commence the fast until Tuesday because I had dinner plans Monday night, but plans changed about 1/2 way through day one. Good thing I was prepared… Mostly.

Monday, February 13, 2012

"We're really doing this" by Sam Brown of

8 a.m.
Beet Basic*
2 beets
2 carrots
1 apple
1 orange
1 stick celery
1/2 inch ginger

This one made me happy. I really liked the ginger in it. After yesterday’s less-than thrilling Grape & Green, this was an excellent way to start the day. I can see why the author calls it her morning staple.
4/5 for energy, detox, immunity, and skin. 3/5 for digestion.

When I got to work at 8:30, I had a cup of hot white tea. By 10 a.m. I was feeling slumpy. As in slumped over my desk because I hadn’t had my daily fix of caffeine. Oh, addiction. You inconsiderate buggar.

10 a.m.
Green Citrus
2 handfuls spinach
2 sticks celery
2 oranges

Pretty tasty. I put the spinach in after the celery, and most of it seemed to go straight into the pulp bin without looking very pulpy. Maybe the order I add things matters?
4/5 stars for immunity. 3/5 for energy, detox, and skin. 1/5 for digestion.

At noon, I went to boxing class. I felt no more or less exhausted by the workout than usual. A couple of times I did think, “Oh, you can half-ass this part. You’ve only had JUICE today, for crying out loud.” Mostly, I ignored the voice of my inner saboteur. Mostly. At no point did I think I was going to pass out or anything terrible.

1:20 p.m.
Super Defender
5 large kale leaves
3 carrots
1 orange

Yumm-o. Kale is DARK, yo. Also, it smells like grass in the juicer. I’m drinking this shiz from a mug at work so I don’t get too many weird looks.
5/5 for immunity, 4/5 for detox and skin, 3/5 for energy.

By 2:30 found myself yawning and was tempted to get some more juice, but I drank some more water instead. In a last-minute change of plans, I found I’d be going straight from my day job to my part time job to cover someone’s shift. I had supplies with me for two more juice concoctions, and I wanted to make them last as much as possible.

3:15 p.m.
Breakfast Pear
3 pears
2 sticks celery
1/2 inch ginger

By 3 o’clock, I couldn’t wait any longer. And oh holy crap, why should I??? Pear juice is beyond delicious! And I’m officially in LOVE with ginger in my juice.
4/5 for detox. 3/5 for energy and immunity. 2/5 for digestion. 1/5 for skin.

5:00 p.m.
Orange Carrot
4 carrots
1 orange

3/5 for energy, detox, immunity. 2/5 for skin. 1/5 for digestion.

From here, I went straight to my bartending gig, sans juicer. I alternated water and the 100% apple and pineapple juice we keep on hand. I tried mixing in some grapefruit juice, but it’s just not my thing. At all.

9:10 p.m.
So, so sleepy. I’d only had canned 100% juice and water since my last fresh batch at 5. Being in the restaurant wasn’t as terrible as I anticipated, but by 9 I was feeling hungry and knew that another can of pineapple or apple juice wasn’t going to keep me sated long. The differences between fresh juice and processed juice were immediately clear. Canned juice is no kind of substitute at all.

* All recipes above are from Natalie Savona’s The Big Book of Juices and Smoothies. Each calls for two servings. Unless otherwise noted, I cut the recipe in half and made only one serving.


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  1. Krystal said,

    I love your blog and I just wanted to add something helpful!
    Breville Juicer is the best – I highly recommend it. I suggest getting it from Amazon as well, you will get for the best price

    This is my third juicing machine. My first was a Champion which served without problems for years. On the plus side it was powerful and durable. On the down side it was rather noisy, vibrated a lot and left a lot of juice in the pulp and was hard to clean. My second juicer was the omega screw machine which I still have. I bought it because it also did wheat grass. On the plus side it is quiet and juices anything, makes nut butter and extracts a lot of juice leaving very dry pulp. On the down side it is slow and worst of all the feed tube is really small. You have to do a lot of cutting to get things small enough to get into the feed tube. I pretty much only use it for wheatgrass now. The Breville is the best juicer I have had. It is an example of good product design in that it is simple, practical and attractive. It is powerful, has a feed tube large enough to take large whole carrots, beets and small apples. It is quiet, comes apart easy and cleans up quickly. The capture pitcher which nests into the machine has a nice cover so you can store the juice for later. If making juice is a hassle you’re going to put off doing it. This juicer makes juicing easy and not a hassle.

    • Joy said,

      Ooh! Great info on the juicers. I noticed the wheatgrass I slipped in today wasn’t being processed at all, so that’s useful to know. I’ll definitely look into the Breville. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the juicing input!

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