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Review: Water Filter

Posted in The Physical by Joy on April 13, 2011
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A few days ago G– and I hit up REI to take advantage of a member coupon and our dividends from last year. In preparation for our first camping trip of the season, he got a stove (JetBoil Flash), and I got a water filter.

The filter is MSR’s Hyperflow Microfilter.

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I just came home and tested it, and I love how adaptable and easy to use it seems to be. The outlet attaches easily to my nalgene, CamelBak, and  a regular water bottle. Pumping was fast and easy, and backflushing proved a pretty seamless operation as well.

The HyperFlow is super light (11oz), and I found the pumping very easy. I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I’ll describe it a bit so the pic above makes more sense. The pump connects to a hose that has a pre-filter, which goes into the water source. The instructions say it should rest at or near the top of a water current.  The output can connect to the destination water vessel via a nipple (for Camelbaks, etc.) or a valve (for nalgenes and other water bottles). There’s a handy adapter for the nalgene as well as a super handy strap on the pre-filter that keeps the whole kit tidy in its sack.

I stepped out of my norm mode of operation and didn’t look up reviews before making this purchase, so I was a little disappointed to see it’s pulling 3 stars (of 5) on the REI website. I read a bit further, though, to see that most of the negative reviews seem to be coming from before the manufacturer acknowledged and (I hope) addressed some flaws a couple of years back, so I’m still pretty excited to give it a try outdoors.

I’ll update with a field review after we get back from our weekend jaunt in May. Based on some of the review comments, I’ll be looking for any issues with ease of pumping, how well the backflushing works if/when needed, etc.


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