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Brought Together by the Hoop

Posted in The Physical,The Social by Joy on July 17, 2009

The gentlemen in the first forward-facing seats let us stash our hoops at their knees, out of the aisle as people continue to meander in through the open doors.

“What possessed you to bring these huge things on this crowded train?” the elder asks me as we wait for the trains ahead to make way on the track.

We’re going to a hoop jam in Dupont Circle. It’s unfortunate we had to come during rush hour, but… it is what it is.

“Where?” asks the woman in the seat behind him. “I have to see this.”

Reeta and I give her details. Invite her out. All are welcome.

Hooping is infectious, like a lovely virus that fills you with happiness and good will. Later, we find ourselves with about 20 other hoopers on the south side of the Circle as we pick ourselves up off our yoga mats and tration into hoop mode.

Dupont Circle is, of course, no strange place for spectacle, but the pedestrians slow to a meander as they walk by us. Some stop to watch and take pictures. Not a few venture over and lay hands on an unclaimed hoop.

At one point, I look around and see we’ve been joined by a lady who could pass for anyone’s grandmother, a Hill staffer still in his tie, a couple of Middle Eastern guys heading out to meet some friends for drinks, and any number of 20-something ladies. It’s starting to rain, and still no one is giving up their hoop.

“So, when you saw these people, what possessed you to come over here and do this?” the Hill staffer asks me.

Me? I came on purpose, hoop in hand, to do this.

My story is less interesting to him than that of Lynette beside me.

“What about you?” he asks, turning his attention to her.

Lynette is intent on the hoop she’s claimed, the sheer joy of the experience is visible on her face, in her person. “I saw a bunch of hula hoops, got really excited, and came over here,” she says, watching the hoop spin at her waist.

The Hill staffer and Lynette’s conversation continues as I move around to others. Teach my friend Liz how to take her hoop into Halo, give her the beginnings of the Corkscrew. Pick up a new move I’d been flubbing, the Helicopter, from Fiona. Share my tips for chest hooping with a girl dressed in head-to-toe salmon whose name I never got. Watch a guy with a bridge piercing keep his hoop moving in halo, above his head, as he lowers himself to the ground, lies down, and rolls over onto his stomach.

There’s so much here to see and share. So many lives and stories converging in this one place, connected by the hoop bug.

I glance up to see the Hill staffer getting Lynette’s number, hugging her goodbye. I secretly hope they find themselves together telling the story of their meeting for many years to come. Brought together by the hoop right in the middle of Dupont Circle on a rainy Wednesday evening.


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  1. ullaoop said,

    oh this was lovely! the hoop is so infectious!

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