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Good for the Gander, Not So Much the Goose

Posted in The Social by Joy on July 13, 2009
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I met him on the dance floor. Or, more accurately, off the dance floor. But dancing nonetheless. He was friendly, and I had a fine time dancing and talking with him, so when he asked for my email, I gave it to him. We exchanged several messages before we made arrangements to have drinks the following Wednesday.

When Tuesday rolled around, he remembered an event that he couldn’t miss on the following night’s docket. He was apologetic about the lapse in memory, I was accepting that we all sometimes forget, and we rescheduled for Thursday.

When Wednesday rolled around, I remembered an event I couldn’t miss on Thursday night’s docket. I apologized for my thoughtlessness and proposed another date and time for our rendezvous, to which he agreed. He, however, seems to be less forgiving of the forgetting, as I haven’t heard from him since.

The fact that the date didn’t happen doesn’t bother me. What does kind of bother me is the abrupt cessation of communication after I asked him to extend the same courtesy to me that I’d extended to him.

It’s odd, really. While I would normally consider such behavior rude and be angered, I’m really just more intrigued.

Did he find it unacceptable that I didn’t flake on my original commitment in order to spend time with him?
Did he think I made up the engagement to spite him?
Did he dislike my proposal for a make-up date?
Did he take umbrage at my choice of words, grammar, and/or punctuation?

I suppose I could just ask the man what made him suddenly run for the hills without so much as a Suck It, Sister.

But that would take all the fun out of the guesswork, now wouldn’t it?


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