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Base Lines & Goals

Posted in The Physical by Joy on June 16, 2009

I read that, to prevent injury while building distance, runners should only increase mileage by 10 percent per week, tops.

But newbies like me have to start somewhere, right?

I mean, last week, I ran a grand total of a little under 4 miles. The week before that? Exactly 3.1. The week before that? Um, that’d be none, Bob.

So, this week I’m tracking my mileage to set a weekly run base-line.

MapMyRun says we made it just about 3.5 miles on our Sunday venture, but there was a bit of walking in there and I had trouble determining our starting route, as it wasn’t on marked roads, so I’m going to knock that down to 3.2 for good measure. Monday morning found me doing 1.66 miles, round-trip, and I expect the rest of the week to be more of the same.

Taking into account that I’ll probably rest a day or two and that I’m definitely resting Saturday, that should put my base-line anywhere from 8-11.5 miles.

If I increase even the lower number by 10 percent weekly, I can be up to 15 miles per week in two months.

All this shoddy math, though, does me no good if I don’t know why I’m running.

Self, I have to ask, what are your goals here?

I’m not really in this to lose a ton of weight, although I wouldn’t mind such a side-effect. (Knowing the way running makes me want to eat, I’m not holding my breath.)

I definitely want to tone up in certain areas. I’m also fairly certain that I’ll never be in this for the glory or the speed. What I really want is to be healthy and active until the day I die. I mean, we see the effects of too much spaghetti and Rosanne and not enough moving your ass down the street at a healthy pace all around us. I don’t want to find myself dealing with a creaky, lethargic body with no real way to repair itself at the age of 50.

Oddly, I really didn’t set out to run with any goals. I just kind of went about it all Forrest Gump. (Minus the speed. And the distance. Okay, so not really like Forrest at all. Sue me.) I figured I’d run only part of that first 5k, and so my goal was to work up to running a 5k. But I did that, so I need something else.

So, here go some new goals:

1. Incorporate appropriate strength training into my weekly routine.
2. Work up to running 15 miles/week.
3. Work my standard pace up to a 10-minute mile. (Standard pace is one in which I can breathe and maintain conversation.)
4. Finish a 5k in 30 minutes or less.
5. Complete a 10k.


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