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A Lot Can Happen in Four Years

Posted in The Social by Joy on June 3, 2009
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“Looks like it’s been about four years since  you graduated. Time flies, doesn’t it?”
Oh, indeed.

“Do you have any additional degrees from Alma Mater?”

“Do you have any degrees from any other colleges or universities?”

“Do you have any awards or certifications you would like to have included with your information?”

“A lot can happen in four years. Do you have a spouse or any children you’d like listed?”
No. No. No.

Susan was polite and helpful. She made friendly chitchat while gathering the information she needed in an efficient manner. She was everything you could want from a call center operator and, perhaps, more.

But when I bid Susan adieu and ended the call, I felt deflated. Unaccomplished. Like a failure.

Her scripted questions might as well have been jeers coming from a heckler with a megaphone.

“That Bachelor of Arts is a joke!”
“You never went to grad school! Loser!”
“You haven’t even excelled professionally!”
“Family? You’ll never have one!”

In truth, I’m proud of what I’ve done in my life. And I don’t regret not having spent more time in school or gaining professional recognition and credentials; I know either venture would find me floundering, as I still don’t have a clue about what I want to do when I grow up. And becoming a wife and mother doesn’t hold the same appeal for me as it seems to for the general female population.

But while Susan was presenting her battery of questions, I was picturing my sparse, unimpressive entry in the Alma Mater’s Alumni publication. Next to those overachieving peers with masters and juris doctorates and hubbies and babies, and confined by those limited questions, what do I have to show for my time after school?

One truth is that my entry in the publication matters very little. Since I’m wholly uninterested in dropping a Benjamin on the “Collector’s Edition” of the stupid thing, I probably won’t even see a copy. Much less will it affect my life in any way.

But the real truth is that I’m almost entirely happy with the life I’m leading. Of course there are things I want to change, but I don’t regret the choices I’ve made that brought me to where I am today, even if those choices don’t make for a lengthy entry in the alumni publication Susan’s working so diligently to flesh out.


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