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Not Even a Modicum of Decorum

Posted in The Occupational,The Social by Joy on June 19, 2007
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I’ve noticed myself getting a bit more prudish of late. In case you’re wondering, this is wholly new territory for me.

Maybe it’s that I feel my twenties slipping away and I’m trying to develop a modicum of decorum before I hit the big three-oh. Or maybe it’s that I’ve had my lower unmentionables exposed to dense rush hour traffic by a sudden gust of wind one too many times for comfort.

Whatever the catalyst, I’ve found I have a sudden propensity for donning the dreaded slip beneath my skirts and dresses. So, this morning, when I opted for a happy little pink flowered skirt, I also dug out my light-colored slip.

Unfortunately, it was a tad too long. I’ll just pull it up a little higher, I decided. My shirt covers it, so it should be fine.

But it wasn’t fine. Before I even made it to the office, the slip was bunched up in the back and had shoved my bothersome shirt out of its pushy way, exposing unflattering slip above my happy little pink flowered skirt.

I can’t have this all day. The skirt has a lining; I’ll just take it off when I get inside. Once again armed with a plan, I smoothed and tucked my wayward slip and made my way to my cubicle.

No one was in the office when I arrived. Why go all the way to the bathroom? That persuasive little voice in my head tempted. Just pull the slip down here before anyone gets in and stash it.

Considering I’m wearing four-inch heels, avoiding unnecessary steps seemed like a sound and reasonable idea at the time.

Until, that is, I gently tugged the slip down. The smooth, silky fabric glided off my waist, slipped over my thighs, and slid down my legs before fluttering to the floor around my feet. Unfortunately, so did my happy little pink flowered skirt.

So it’s not even 9 a.m. and I’m standing in my cubicle in my freakin’ underwear.

(Did I mention that this decorum business is pretty foreign to me?)